Ten ways to promote peace and tolerance

We would love to wake up every morning with good news, without hearing that a celeb was killed after their concert or that there was a massacre in a den that took the lives of 50 people; but unfortunately, we live in a world where beliefs and education are different for everyone, and as a consequence, we stop being tolerant, compassionate and seeking peace.
We know that the world does not change overnight, but you can start with small actions that make your environment an environment of harmony.

Think a little: safe when you drive you to get angry with several people because according to you, "they do not know how to drive well". When you're in class, you can not control bullying someone who asks a question, even if the teacher has already given that answer. When your little sister takes your things, the first thing you do is get angry, instead of learning and teaching to share. There are many examples of how little tolerant we are and, even if we do not reach the extreme, it does not mean that it is right either.

That is why Seventeen's editorial team came together to give you a list of 10 things that you should start doing to YA to promote peace and tolerance and achieve your bit in this world.

1. Do not promote bullying.
Not at school, not at home, not on the street. It is not right to humiliate or make anyone feel less, no matter what the circumstances.

2. Take care of your social networks.
If you see warning signs, threats, cyberbullying or anything unusual in your social networks, talk to your parents or go with an adult who can help you take necessary action. It is better to prevent!

3. Do not tolerate racism or discrimination.
Regardless of gender, religion, sexual preference or physical characteristics, no one deserves to be treated differently than others. Do not tolerate it! And of course, do not practice it. The change starts with you!

4. Look for your community to be a better place. Follow the rules!
If you can not sit in a place for older people, respect it! Try to help those around you and always be cooperative in your community. You can start at home or with your neighbors.

5. Use your voice.
Social networks are our best tool to make us listen. Instead of stalking and criticizing your ex's girlfriend, use them to share positive and inspirational messages.

6. Join positive campaigns.
Whether on social networks or campaigns at your school, join. Help the others. Everyone will win (even you).

7. Do not judge and respect.
It is not worth speaking ill of anyone, criticizing or judging. If you do not have anything good to say, better not say anything.

8. Smile always.
You do not know who you are going to make the day with a smile. It costs you nothing!

9. It transmits to new generations.
If you have siblings or small cousins, teach them to share, respect and be tolerant. The little ones are the future.

10. Be true to yourself.
Do not get carried away by what the rest of your friends say. If they believe something that you do not, nothing happens if you go away and look for friendships more related to you.