Ten reasons why organic foods are better for you

Currently there are more and more people who choose to consume organic foods and leave out those produced by large industrial plants. In Other Medicine, we want to show you what are the main reasons why natural foods are better for you.

# 1 They contain less chemicals

Vegetables grown in non-organic form contain chemical elements inside, so they are not safe despite thorough washing. Organic plants, as they provide no chemicals, are much more reliable.

# 2 They have less amount of bacteria

Organic foods have less amount of bacteria than those obtained in an industrial way. Many non-organic farms feed their cattle with low doses of veterinary antibiotics daily to accelerate their growth. Bacteria, being exposed for so long to these antibiotics, achieve greater resistance that is then transmitted to humans by consuming the meat. When consuming organic meat, the danger of consuming said bacteria decreases exponentially.

# 3 You and your family will be protected from industrialized additives.

Organic food has a great advantage for the general health of the organism since it is not packaged products it is not necessary to add additives, preservatives or dyes as those that have industrialized foods.

# 4 Reduces the risk of cancer

Eating organic foods can reduce the risk of cancer or other diseases. According to recent studies, it is considered that herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides are one of the leading causes of cancer, from this we can deduce that by consuming organic foods free of these chemicals, we will be greatly reducing the possibility of suffering from this disease.

# 5 They are better for children

Children are much more susceptible to the effect that pesticides produce on their bodies than adults. By feeding them organic foods , you will be helping your body and brain develop normally.

# 6 Healthier plant compounds

Plants exposed to pesticides produce less natural defenses and do not cover the daily quota of polyphenols and flavonoids responsible for maintaining the good health of the organism to a large extent. This does not happen with organically grown foods , because they contain much higher levels of these compounds, which are so necessary for good health.

# 7 Less exposure to chemicals

Organic foods are not exposed to ripening gas like some fruits and vegetables are. This gas accelerates the growth of vegetables, but at the same time it takes away flavor and can cause long-term health problems.

# 8 Pollution is avoided

Lacking pesticides, organic food contributes to the maintenance of wildlife in their natural habitats. The same does not happen with industrialized foods since the pesticides that they place on crops cause the soil, water, and surrounding air to be contaminated.

# 9 The weather would be healthier

According to recent studies, if all the cultivated surface of the planet were treated organically, it would reduce to more than 40 percent the gases of the greenhouse effect, achieving a radical change in the current climate.

# 10 More healthy fats

According to a study made recently, the milk obtained organically contains a much greater amount of Omega 3 fatty acids than that obtained by industrial processes. This is very beneficial for the good health of the heart and the brain because this acid so necessary for the normal development of the body does not occur naturally.

As you can see, organic foods are much healthier than industrialized ones. Do you consume this type of food on a daily basis?