Power of ALWAYS speaking positively of others


If you do not think before speaking, chances are you will miss good opportunities to know, appreciate and be able to communicate honestly. How easy it is to add fuel to the fire, speak for speaking and say things without thinking!

Words are essential tools that can build and strengthen relationships or, they can destroy even the most intimate ties. Comments that in a moment seem to be insignificant and harmless can have a significant impact. Sometimes you talk without realizing that you are provoking a disagreement, other times, you project your feelings that have nothing to do with what happens and unintentionally, you end up spoiling personal relationships.
Energy, words, and emotions are contagious for good and evil, be very careful
An irrelevant comment, a suggestion without prior knowledge of the situation or circumstance or even an unfounded recommendation can be the trigger that permanently hurts the relationships of any person, especially if it does not first consider the value of their words and the influence that they can have.
There are occasions when people have a particular agenda, by which they say the words they say, and although it seems that are genuinely concerned about the individual or the situation, in reality, they are only looking for messages that prove their prejudices or forebodings.
Actually, there are many "friends" who are not so nice, or so sincere and their comments are shaped by envy and falsehood, so their observations could be somewhat poisonous, interested and even wrong.
In other cases, personal or economic interests may confuse the person and sadly lead to family and intimate ruptures.
Comments on the air and without thinking or premeditated and with a desire to hurt or profit are very harmful you have to be aware of this and not talk to talk. Responsibility and awareness of the value of the word are significant. Do not forget.

Speak with conscience / strengthening your ties with the world

One can of perspective- know the whole story without giving personal comments
Two tablespoons of prudence - there is no need to accelerate private judgment
One bunch of goodwill - always give the benefit of the doubt
Two envelopes of positive attitude - thinking that nobody wants evil in the beginning
Three drops of compassion - before speaking understand the conditions of the other
One pinch of honesty - separate interests, personal views
Be careful with your words A positive word encourages, impacts and helps to get ahead even the most capricious person, but also A negative comment, however subtle, may increase the anger of a person is already initially angry.
It is easy to be influenced by the comments of others. Many times the way you talk can determine the outcome of future actions. The emotional state of one responds to the energy of those around him.
Thinking positively, saying constructive words and offering a good alternative helps improve personal relationships. Acting, thinking and speaking with positivism leads the other to feel better about himself and relationships. Sometimes, a good comment at the right time can help save a link that would otherwise have been affected.
Compassion must be an obligation of everyone. It is essential to learn to perceive the person who is close to us. Knowing what to say and what should be kept silent, be relevant and considerate, are skills that must be cultivated and applied daily.