It is Naturally Human To Discriminate and why you I should not

The loss of respect as a human being for those who are racist, because the fact of having another skin color, another socioeconomic level, another religion, another nationality and even other ideas, does not give you the authority to belittle anyone.

At the same time, a person must be respectful, to earn the right to be respected, every rational person should repress the feelings provoked by a different person, and accept that there is not one human being equal to another, not the other. Less in their physical form, but in their abilities and their feelings.

For people who used to do less than other people, they do so motivate by a feeling of frustration, which they must express in some way and turn their courage against another person is their only option.

What consequences does discrimination bring to others?

• For those who discriminate, their moral quality is questioned, reducing it to nothing, because bothering someone else just by what you see, is a real crime that even in some countries is punishable by jail.

• To be considered a discriminatory act, there must be an offensive and negative comment about someone's personality, which is usually accompanied by physical and verbal aggression.

• It is not right to discriminate because discrimination is the lowest point of humanity, and it denigrates human relationships.

• For people who discriminated against, it produces a feeling of rage and impotence, due to the cowardice of the aggressor, this attitude is usually transformed, in sadness and depression.

• For susceptible people, a discriminatory act can hit them very hard in the mood, leaving to do what they usually did, neglecting their appearance, and becoming introspective; the best thing to do is to talk with family and friends to overcome the traumatic moment.

• The unconditional support of loved ones is the best way to overcome a discriminatory act.

•    The person who discriminates has no culture and has a vision that cannot see more than their benefit.
•    Finally, it should remember that when a person distinguishes, he is a "poor" person in many ways. Therefore he will never achieve total success.