There are lots of similarities between 2017 & 2018.
* same 24hrs, 7days, 12months
* same day&night, seasons & Time

In fact, they are virtually almost the same. The only thing changing is YOU!!!
- Your age
- Responsibilities
- Your body system etc

The only thing that will make this year a new one is your approach and resolutions. If you retain your 2017 personality & attitudes,
Then I'm sorry, 2018 has nothing new to offer you even if you receive 100,000 "Happy New Year" messages and good wishes.

Carefully mediate and answer the questions below;
- Don't rush the answer & Don't answer it on your mind
- Get a pen, write out your answers and read it every morning

Determine the ones to IMPROVE on and the ones to completely CHANGE!

1.) What were your 2017 unfulfilled goals?

2.) What were the obstacles?
- Research, study&learn how to conquer them this 2018.

3.) What mistakes did you make?
- What lessons did you learn from them?

4.) What are your 2018 goals?
- Write,Submit & Discuss your goals/ideas with professionals & experts for a professional guide.

5.) Prepare and sketch a workable daily,weekly & monthly action plan and Submit to your mentor.
-Rate your progress monthly?

6.) Do you have mentors (distant&close ones)

7.) How often do you listen to their tapes, watch their videos, read their books, follow up their internet updates and call/visit the close ones for chitchat?
(Choose mentors who are already successful in your desired field)

8.) How good is your relationship with your mentor?

- Nigeria has more than 100million occupants and the world has more than 7billion occupants.
- How many of these occupants are your friends?
(thanks to social medias such as facebook,tywitter,instagram, etc for eliminating the barrier of interacting with people from other continents)

10.) Amongst your friends, how many of them are you committed to and how many are committed to you?

11.) How many new friends(serious & close) did you make in 2017?

12.) Carefully and consciously make a new friend every week (devoted and committed), it will total 48 friends by the end of the year.
N.B: The friends of your friends are your friends also so imagine how influential you will be by year end.

13.) List down the lifestyles and decisions that thwarted your 2017 success and list down the disciplinary measures to take against such actions.
- Discuss this with your mentor

14.) What is your greatest fear?
- the cave you fear most holds your treasures, ENTER IT!

15.) On a scale of 1- 10 with 1 being worst and 10 being best, rate your love life (ability to care for others unconditionally)

- He who loves, is of God!

- In love, Joy is found

- Love everybody with open mind

-  Love heals the soul and strengthens the spirit

- Love prompts us to forgive, gives us reasons to pray for all men and attracts peace,prosperity & success.

Start your year TODAY,
pick A GOAL,
desire it,
meditate on it,
plan it,
talk it,
dream it & act on it
Do these and watch how remarkable 2018 will turn out to be for you.

Learn not to pursue many goals at a time, focus and work on them one at a time.

Above all these, the greatest is love!
Love yourself
Love your creator (God)
Love your Creator's creations

LOVE is the solution the world needs!

Start loving today!!!