How to have a healthier skin

To achieve a healthy skin and free of imperfections we must take care of both inside and outside and avoid negative emotions and stress.
Who would not like to wear a skin like those models and actresses have ? Maybe you have tried everything to have a healthier complexion and have not achieved good results.
You want to know why? Maybe it's because your habits are not helping you, just the opposite. Find out more in the next article.
Tips for healthy skin
A perfect complexion is achieved by being healthy inside and out . Therefore we say that our daily actions can affect the health or aspect of the dermis.
Pay close attention to these tips for radiant, young and beautiful skin:
Use moisturizers
We can think that facial lotions or creams are a luxury but, in truth, they are a necessity. It is important to use these products on a daily basis and take into account skin type or age.
You can pamper yourself with a good cream (natural, if you wish) that improves the appearance of your face without spending a fortune.
Eat in a balanced way
Carrying a healthy diet is the basis for any goal we want to achieve for our body.
If you spend it eating fast food, sugars and fats that will affect your skin. Otherwise, if you choose raw fruit and vegetables, nuts and legumes, your face will thank you .
And you will be happier and healthier to enjoy it.
The foods that cannot be missing in your day to day are:
  • Seeds (flax and sunflower)
  • Strawberries, blueberries and blackberries
  • Plums
  • Tomatoes and red peppers
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Salmon
  • Spinach
Rest well
Sleeping between 7 and 8 hours a day is not a whim or a repeated formula without meaning. It is the time that our body needs to recover from the activities carried out during the day.
As with the mobile phone, which needs to recharge its battery, the body, mind and skin require a good rest.
If you sleep well you can reverse the damage caused by free radicals, your cells will oxygenate better and the muscles and tissues will be repaired.
Surely you will have noticed that, after a sleepless night, the next day you look terrible. On the other hand, if you rest, you look good and feel more animated, fresh and energetic.
Drink a lot of water
Again, we do not talk about phrases when we say that "two liters of water a day" are necessary.
We do not usually be aware that we must drink fluids until thirst takes over our mouth and throat . Do not wait for that moment to hydrate.
In addition to cooling, water provides moisture to the skin and that prevents wrinkles and sagging. You will look younger and radiant with only 4 glasses of water per day.
And if you get bored, you can opt for other liquids: natural juices and herbal infusions. Do not count soft drinks, coffee or alcohol.
Reduce stress
There are many negative consequences of being stressed continuously. Among them we can indicate that the skin looks dry, dull and wrinkled when we spend a lot of time with this negative emotion.
Therefore we recommend that you reduce your pressures and obligations, try to lead a more relaxed life and perform those activities that produce pleasure and satisfaction.
Use sunscreen
A little contact with UV rays is good for your health, because it increases the production of vitamine D and gives us some color to the cheeks. However, excessive and unprotected exposure is a big risk .
When you go out on the street, put on a good protection factor. Even if it's cloudy or winter. The sun is always present and can be very dangerous.
Do not hesitate to bring sunglasses and a hat to be more sheltered and avoid going out in the most dangerous hours (at noon).
do exercise
You can choose the one you like the most and the one that does not become a weight or obligation.
Whatever discipline you choose is adequate to feel good, lose weight, eliminate tensions and also get rid of the toxin that worsen the health of the skin .
As if that were not enough, exercise oxygenates the cells of the dermis. There are many benefits of physical activity!
Keep a daily hygiene
Many times we are so tired at night that we do not even take off our makeup. A big mistake!
Leaving traces of shadow, eyeliner or blush dull skin and sick . On the contrary, allowing the dermis to be clean of any toxin during sleep helps to make it healthier.
Wash and exfoliate to remove impurities and oiliness. The result will be a fresh, natural and wrinkle free skin or pimples. You can opt for wipes, special creams or water and neutral soap.
Apply a weekly mask
The days that we are at home we can take advantage of to do thousands of things like, for example, a good mask for the skin, that frees us of the impurities and toxins, besides nourishing and hydrating the cells.
You can choose a natural option, such as cucumber or avocado, or buy a cream in the store.
Spend more time outdoors
Being locked up at home or the office is not healthy for your skin (not for your mind).
That's why it's good to go out to take a breath in a park, take your dog around the block, walk with your friends or family, drink a smoothie on the balcony of the house ...