How to Develop Your Social Skills

It is no secret to anyone that people with skills have more opportunities in life.

Usually, timid and introverted people try to hide behind the fact that "Being shy is good," or that it is possible not to have social skills but still enjoy the benefits of introversion.

 Of course is a total lie. It is not possible to be introverted and extroverted at the same time. People who are reserved or who in some way or another do not feel comfortable around other people have not managed to develop their social skills as much as they would like.

In other words, these people want a better life. They know that being shy stops them. Sometimes they fight with themselves even to talk to a girl or boy their age, and also talking on the phone becomes a nightmare.

They avoid all kinds of social contact and therefore become more withdrawn. It is common to see them using supposedly "social" tools such as Facebook and Twitter, but in reality what they try to hide is the fear of socializing in person.

And it is not easy. I know.

I'm not saying you should just go out and talk to people. Depending on the level of problem you have, it is possible to suffer from anxiety to depression, or for some, the subject may just be a little fear of leaving the comfort zone.

In any case, what is clear is that developing social skills is fundamental in today's society, and more than ever, as a tool to become a successful person.

If you want to achieve success in your life by being an introverted person or without social skills, you will have problems selling, promoting your products or services, letting people know you have an opportunity with you and, in general, letting you know.

But, How to Leave the Fear Back?
I would like to be able to say that it is as comfortable as merely deciding and already. But it's not like that. I suffered it a few years ago, and at this moment I thank life for allowing me to move to a better situation.

What I think has helped me in my case is the implementation of an incremental strategy.

Many people know that to become good at something, you have to make an effort and dedicate time. Wrong, and even fail, and eventually the skills will be much better than at the beginning.

As in a sport ...

However, when it comes to social and personal skills, people do not even take it seriously, as to exercise themselves in the field of personal development.

And it works the same!

Take the example of a baby who wants to walk. But he does not even know how to crawl. That makes? Well, you must start with something basic, something that you can handle and that is impossible for you not to overcome. As sit alone.

In the case of social skills, how about starting to greet all the people you meet? It can be something that you already master, or it can be something that terrifies you, but it is something simple and basic, and that does not involve more than a couple of words and a smile.

Later the idea is to increase your reach and with it, increase your challenges. Always keep in your mind the bright idea that with your skills you will overcome many of your fears and difficulties, and of course, you will be much more successful.

Go little by little. Only you know what rhythm of growth is right for you and how to best carry the reins of your life. Dare to take the first step. A simple, small stage, without many risks but a firm level. I assure you that after a while you will notice the difference.