How to be Youtuber: guide to master Youtube in 10 steps

How to be Youtuber: guide to master Youtube in 10 steps

1. Make your passion

As Bukowski said, " if it does not come out burning inside, in spite of everything, do not do it." Before starting your channel, you have to be clear about how and what you want to focus on. If you do something that you do not feel passion for, you'll end up leaving it for weeks or months after it starts. But if what you do is based on your love, you can keep it until you feel like it.

2. If your passion is for all audiences, you will have much won

Are the channels aimed at children, the " family friendly," which are booming. The brands are emphasizing investing only in channels with "white content," those aimed at all audiences so that the future in them is assured.

3. Constancy

Once you have the channel installed, the complicated thing comes: to be constant. It is straightforward to start something, the illusion of the first days is convincing, the complicated thing is to continue with your project after a while. To succeed you have to suffer, there will be days when it will cost you more, but ideally, you would upload one or two videos a week. All this depends on the content you make; some gamers upload one or two videos a day, while for other creators of content it is enough to upload one video per week.

4. You have to be up to date

Content is your work, and there is no better content than the one related to the latest trends. Check the most talked about topics of the week, including the day, and try to create a content related to it: lists (although they are rushed work), a hooked opinion ... If it becomes viral will have much more impact.

5. Be original

Original content with a personal touch. Do not copy those who are successful, they found their niche and already have it exploited. It is complicated that more roosters fit in the corral. A faster way to succeed is to be original, as long as (remember) you match it with your passion.

6. Take care of your content to the maximum detail

You need a good mic and a good camera. That is basic, the key. If your videos show an exact image and sound, you will give a picture of professionalism, making pressing the "Subscribe" button more appealing. On the other hand, if your image and montage of the video seem to be made through Windows Movie Maker, nobody will want to press the magic button. Solution: get yourself a good video editor and express it to become an expert.
7. Do not get into "sales."

You to yours. It's complicated, but being up to date does not mean you have to get involved in "salting" with other YouTubers. If you stay on the sidelines, you will be considered a creator of authentic content. By the way, neither do you believe malicious material or it can happen to you like Yao Cabrera (the one with the stab fake ), losing credibility and followers at huge steps.

8. Take care of your Social Networks

And if you do not have them, create them. They will be a critical point of your work. You can use them to share your videos and enhance your image. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are essential to let you know.

9. Promote your videos

How? In the Social Networks mentioned above, by contacting websites that offer YouTube videos or even Facebook profiles with many followers. A stroke of luck (that an influencer with thousands of followers shares your video) may be the boost you need.

10. Optimize SEO

In the beginning, you will need to position yourself in the high search posts. To get it you can follow different tutorials that you can find on the Internet. Important things: put a clear title and categorize the video in the appropriate tag.