Five tips for successfully outsourcing tasks

1. Calculate your price per hour.

Your products or services cost money, but your time too. To know how much each hour of your time is worth, you only have to divide your earnings by the number of hours worked. The calculation can be done based on your income and weekly, monthly and even annual hours.

This data will let you know if outsourcing a service is, or not, profitable in your case. The decision is simple: if outsourcing a function costs you more than your work is worth per hour, then it's worth it to do it yourself.

2. Make a list of the tasks you want to outsource.

Once you know how much an hour of your time is worth, it's time for you to make a list of all the tasks you would like to outsource. Contact the companies or professionals that provide those services and ask about their rates. Then calculate if it is profitable to hire them.

3. Take your time to search and interview the candidates for the task.

Before hiring the first professional that comes before you, look for more candidates. At least you have to have three budgets on the table. Contact each of them and, if possible, specify a personal interview. Ask them what their specialty is, what experience they have, what references they can provide and what service they would provide.

4. Sign a contract before you start.

When you have chosen the perfect candidate to take care of the service you need, it is time to sign a contract. Do not leave anything to improvisation. Write in writing the objectives, rates and specific conditions of your agreement. You can also value hiring a test to ensure 100% that complies with the deal.

5. Evaluate the results.

When you have been outsourcing services for a while, you should evaluate the results obtained. Was it worth it? Has it helped you to make the most of your time? Have you been able to devote more to your business? Has the income statement improved?

Finally, make sure that you are productively using your new free time. If the goal of outsourcing tasks was to earn more money, you should have done everything possible to achieve it. If what you needed is to be freed from specific tasks to have more free time, then check if this has allowed you to rest and have fun.

I hope that this article allows you to successfully outsource tasks and take one more step in your projects and improve on a day to day basis.

You know, share if you find interesting and leave your comment if you are externalizing or have planned to do so, your comment can help someone.