Cultivating the relationship with the customer can give a big boost to sales

Companies strive hard to get customers. This task takes much of the marketing budget, up to 80%, according to Forrester. However, there is a very interesting market niche, which many ignores, and do not know how to exploit: it is the existing customers. Cultivating the relationship with the customer can give a great boost to sales, thereby ensuring the viability of the business.
FiveStars recently showed us that the most loyal customers are 20% of a company's total. A percentage that may sound insignificant, but if we go further, we can appreciate that it represents 80% of the turnover volume. These are big words, do not you think that this 20% deserves more dedication on your part? The basis is to know how to establish a solid relationship with your customers.
Loyalty goes beyond a satisfying experience
Customers consider that the brand must meet their expectations, always; That is what is expected from the hiring of a product or service. Therefore, satisfying the needs of a client is not a sine qua non condition for customer loyalty. From this positive experience the relationship between both begins. It is then when the brand has to be used thoroughly to move forward in order to achieve their loyalty.
Do not let time pass and let it fall into oblivion
After your first purchase, take the first step to consolidate this relationship. Taking advantage of the fact that you have your information, go directly to it and offer it something that you truly appreciate, with added value to surprise him, and get him to trust you. In this way you will be placed among its reference marks.
Enables the necessary communication channels
Leave a door open to the conversation. It is an indispensable component to foster the relationship. If the client needs to contact the brand, it must be open to listen to him. On the other hand, if you are curious to know more about the brand, or learn about news and new projects, it will only be possible if it has the appropriate means.
Encourage engagement
Get your customers take an active part and feel integrated with the brand. Develop attractive actions, create opportunities for them to interact on their own initiative. Design a pleasant space around the brand, a meeting point, open to conversation and free expression.
Ask for your opinion
Show him that you care, and worry about improving and meeting his needs. Design a survey, invite them to try your new product, offer exclusive content, all are initiatives that will motivate you to interact with the brand, without feeling the pressure of commercial actions.
Offers a personal treatment
An indispensable condition in all your actions is that they are personalized. Call him by his first and last name, congratulate him on his birthday, or design a mailing where you will offer products related to his last purchase. If you know that you like to read, offer the latest news of that literary style, but do not try to sell the latest toolkit on the market.
Everything is summarized to a real concern for the client, and service vocation. If you feel heard and cared for, you are more likely to repeat the experience.