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It is Naturally Human To Discriminate and why you I should not

The loss of respect as a human being for those who are racist, because the fact of having another skin color, another socioeconomic level, another religion, another nationality and even other ideas, does not give you the authority to belittle anyone.
At the same time, a person must be respectful, to earn the right to be respected, every rational person should repress the feelings provoked by a different person, and accept that there is not one human being equal to another, not the other. Less in their physical form, but in their abilities and their feelings.
For people who used to do less than other people, they do so motivate by a feeling of frustration, which they must express in some way and turn their courage against another person is their only option.
What consequences does discrimination bring to others?

• For those who discriminate, their moral quality is questioned, reducing it to nothing, because bothering someone else just by what you see, is a real crime that even in …

How you may be failing to leverage the diversity of others

Increasingly in our work environments, we find people very different from us with whom we must work as a team. Persons who, in addition to various professional abilities, may be of a different age, be of another nationality or another ethnic origin, and even have a different system of values and beliefs. These differences can be seen as a problem, but also as a potential. The differences can enrich us Instead of seeing diversity and distinction as a barrier, we can see it as an opportunity to expand our vision of the world and our work environment. Studies show that the companies most prone to openly promote and accept diversity in their work teams have better practical results and also work environments with better organizational climate. That's why today employers take into account the social skills of their future employees to adapt to the difference and be able to work with people of different backgrounds and beliefs. For many people having to deal with very different people …

Why You may be sabotaging your workplace relationships

Professional development is a long, tedious and full of obstacles. From choosing which career to studying to the procedures of certification, there are many times when it is simple to "throw in the towel" and leave aside one of the ways that can help you achieve success. Know some of the ways in which - consciously or unconsciously - people often sabotage and spoil their career. Lack of opportunities: "I cannot find what I want," "the pay is small," "I do not know if I am going to adapt," all thoughts of self-sabotage that do not allow you to develop your career. Do not finish the projects: leaving things half-way reflects a significant lack of commitment. The fact of not concluding a professional goal implies that the person does not learn to receive results and face the consequences. 40% of professionals incur in this practice, according to OCCMundial surveys. Postpone goals: The fear of suffering a job failure causes this behavior, as a mech…

Power of ALWAYS speaking positively of others

If you do not think before speaking, chances are you will miss good opportunities to know, appreciate and be able to communicate honestly. How easy it is to add fuel to the fire, speak for speaking and say things without thinking! Words are essential tools that can build and strengthen relationships or, they can destroy even the most intimate ties. Comments that in a moment seem to be insignificant and harmless can have a significant impact. Sometimes you talk without realizing that you are provoking a disagreement, other times, you project your feelings that have nothing to do with what happens and unintentionally, you end up spoiling personal relationships. Energy, words, and emotions are contagious for good and evil, be very careful An irrelevant comment, a suggestion without prior knowledge of the situation or circumstance or even an unfounded recommendation can be the trigger that permanently hurts the relationships of any person, especially if it does not first consider the val…

The Platinum Rule for Relationship success

Most of us understand the golden rule: Do to others as you would like them to do to you. It works very well in many circumstances. If you are tempted to yell at the man who has just cut you off in traffic, take a deep breath and give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, it could be someday. Follow the golden rule when you call on a friend who is sick because you would like the same treatment as if you got ill.
The problem is, however, that the golden rule often does not work with close relationships, especially when you get down to specific actions. For example, you may be happy with not knowing about your mother for a week, so do not call her for seven days. She, however, may worry that if she leaves a whole week pass without naming her. Wow that one was for me.
There is a better rule for relationships than the skin of consciousness at a higher level - The Platinum Rule - Do to others what they would have to do to them. In other words, treat others as they wish to be addressed, …


House party is the most incredible movie that’s going to shot in February in Austria is all about a beautiful young lady that lives with her parents. She offers a legendary performance in this film, and it's fun. While her parents are on vacation, so she decided to organize a party and invited all her bosoms friends to have a unique and august party at her parent’s house. All things go moderately without a single interruption until the voice of a narrator appears and reveals secrets about each party guest.  One of the main things about this film is that it is so identifiable. We all have those uncomfortable moments that make us tremble. Regardless of his embarrassing situation. You cannot help laughing hysterically at your expense. The genre of this movie is comedy in which they are primary emphasis is on humor. This film is designed to make the audience laugh through fun and most of the time this work exaggerating the features with a humorous effect. Movies in this style traditi…

Tips to reduce hypertension

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Having high blood pressure poses a risk of having heart or cerebrovascular diseases; you can have high blood pressure without having any symptoms, but other times it can cause a headache, fatigue, anxiety or dizziness when changing your posture, or just when you get up. Therefore it is necessary to keep track of your blood pressure, and if hypertension exists, a change in lifestyle will have to be made.


Stress can cause blood pressure to rise, due to work or worries; It is, therefore, essential to find time for your body to relax and help lower blood pressure. You can practice yoga, meditation or breathing techniques to relax; you just have to do these activities, enjoying the moment and …

The Best 7 Foods to Increase Your Intelligence

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If you want to increase your intelligence, one of the best options you can do is eat more whole foods without processing. Real foods are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and a host of other phytochemicals that nourish brain cells (and even new ones develop).

Consider this: people who eat a lot of vegetables and fruits (about 1.6 cups or 400 grams) a day perform better on cognitive tests one while those who eat a lot of sugar are 1.5 times more likely to develop mild cognitive impairment than those who do not. eat. 2

So when it comes to choosing your food, remember that it's not just a matter of how many calories they contain or whether they do or do not gain weight - it's a matter of cho…

Ten ways to promote peace and tolerance

We would love to wake up every morning with good news, without hearing that a celeb was killed after their concert or that there was a massacre in a den that took the lives of 50 people; but unfortunately, we live in a world where beliefs and education are different for everyone, and as a consequence, we stop being tolerant, compassionate and seeking peace.
We know that the world does not change overnight, but you can start with small actions that make your environment an environment of harmony.

Think a little: safe when you drive you to get angry with several people because according to you, "they do not know how to drive well". When you're in class, you can not control bullying someone who asks a question, even if the teacher has already given that answer. When your little sister takes your things, the first thing you do is get angry, instead of learning and teaching to share. There are many examples of how little tolerant we are and, even if we do not reach the extre…


Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 harmful chemicals, such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar, cyanide, formaldehyde, and lead. The components of the cigarette can produce a large number of disorders capable of generating cancerous and deadly diseases. Some damage to health related to smoking, the problem of social dependence and the risks and consequences for passive smokers are developed.

Smoking can cause:

CHANGES IN THE SKIN: The smoker's skin suffers from premature aging. The skin of the fingers of the hand is also stained by the brown color of the filter of the cigarettes.

STAINS AND FALLS OF THE TEETH: One of the components of tobacco: tar, it produces stains and cavities in the teeth. It can also cause problems in the gums that facilitate the fall of the teeth.

DEPENDENCY: Cigarette nicotine is a drug that produces a dependence in the smoker.

OSTEOPOROSIS: The cigarette increases the risk of osteoporosis (weak bones), which causes fractures of bones in the elderly, a…

How to have a healthier skin

To achieve a healthy skin and free of imperfections we must take care of both inside and outside and avoid negative emotions and stress. Who would not like to wear a skin like those models and actresses have ? Maybe you have tried everything to have a healthier complexion and have not achieved good results. You want to know why? Maybe it's because your habits are not helping you, just the opposite. Find out more in the next article. Tips for healthy skin A perfect complexion is achieved by being healthy inside and out . Therefore we say that our daily actions can affect the health or aspect of the dermis. Pay close attention to these tips for radiant, young and beautiful skin: Use moisturizers We can think that facial lotions or creams are a luxury but, in truth, they are a necessity. It is important to use these products on a daily basis and take into account skin type or age. You can pamper yourself with a good cream (natural, if you wish) that improves the appearance of your fac…

How to Develop Your Social Skills

It is no secret to anyone that people with skills have more opportunities in life.

Usually, timid and introverted people try to hide behind the fact that "Being shy is good," or that it is possible not to have social skills but still enjoy the benefits of introversion.

 Of course is a total lie. It is not possible to be introverted and extroverted at the same time. People who are reserved or who in some way or another do not feel comfortable around other people have not managed to develop their social skills as much as they would like.

In other words, these people want a better life. They know that being shy stops them. Sometimes they fight with themselves even to talk to a girl or boy their age, and also talking on the phone becomes a nightmare.

They avoid all kinds of social contact and therefore become more withdrawn. It is common to see them using supposedly "social" tools such as Facebook and Twitter, but in reality what they try to hide is the fear of social…

How To Set And Achieve Goals - Focus Is The Key

1º.- Burning desire

If the goal is worthy of you, it will cost you mistakes, time, effort and you must have great desire to continue in spite of everything. It is said that on one occasion a disciple of Socrates asked him, "How can I have more knowledge?" He asked her to accompany him and they walked until they reached the sea. Once they entered the sea, Socrates submerged him in the water and the disciple began to clack and fight to get out, because he was drowning, after a few seconds, once he left, Socrates asked him, " When you were in the water , What was it you most wanted? " He replied" I wanted to breathe, I wanted air, " Socrates told him, " to have the knowledge you want, you must want it as much as you wanted the air below the water . " This is what happens with the goals, once we have clarity in what we want, we should want it as much as the air under the water.

2º. Conviction

Your external world is the reflection of your inner worl…

Develop mature behaviors

1 Develop your interests. The lack of dynamic or developed interests or pastimes could contribute to an immature appearance. Finding something that you enjoy doing and becoming an "expert" in that can give you the appearance of someone more experienced and mature. Likewise, it will also give you something to talk about with others, regardless of whether or not they also participate in your hobby. ·Try to make your hobbies active and productive. It is very fun to watch a marathon of a television program, but it is not necessarily the best way to spend your time.This does not mean that you can not enjoy movies, TV shows and video games, but that they should not be the only thing you spend your time on.
·Hobbies can improve your self-esteem and increase your creativity. These can also stimulate the parts of your brain that make you feel positive and happy. [3] ·Basically there are no limits to the types of things you can do! Get a camera and learn photography, learn to play a music…